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Along the cross-country-skiing trail in Obergurgl to Pill-Angern and back and from the village through the pine forest to David's Hut or further to the Schönwies Hut you can enjoy the refreshing mountain air and the snow-covered landscape (distance approx. 12 km).

Obergurgl Romantic Trail (partly illuminated)
Start above the Hochgurgl chapel at the ski run -> level circuit trail across picturesque landscape above the timberline, in the direction of the Königstal valley. A part of the track is illuminated. (duration: 0,5 h)

Zirbenwald - Nature Trail
From Obergurgl to the University Centre –> keep to the right towards David‘s Hütte and the fork-off to Zirbenwald stone pine trail. Return to Obergurgl across Zirbenwald bridge, following Imfong trail on the left. (duration: 1 h)

Gurgltal Winter Hiking Trail
Start at the parking space of the valley station of the Hochgurgl cableway -> ebener Verlauf an der Talsohle Pill/Angern -> leichter bis mittelschwerer Aufstieg über die Isse-Wiesen zu den Ortsteilen Königsrain und Alt-Poschach -> entlang der Ötztaler Ache rechtsseitig zurück vorbei am Hotel Jagdhof zum Parkplatz. (Dauer: 1 h)